Rokka no Yuusha: A Review

The Goddess of Fate selects six heroes whenever the demon lord awakens and threatens the universe. These heroes are given the powers to fight the demon lord and Adlet, our main protagonist who claims to be the strongest man in the world becomes one of the chosen. However, when the heroes gather they find that there more than six ‘selected’ heroes and begin to suspect that one of them is an impostor and a traitor.

When you do create a mystery anime you make sure that every character can be called suspicious to hide the real traitor. But the lack of screen time for the supporting cast members makes it impossible to actually get you engrossed in the story or the characters. In its twelve episode run, the anime only concentrates on Adlet and ignores building the other ‘selected heroes’.


The animation is good and the first episode was fantastically done. As far as the cast is concerned, none of the side characters make any kind of impression on you as they aren’t delved into deeper. The side characters are good and felt like they could have had good backstories, but the anime ignores it. One of the biggest disappointment is the big reveal as there is no sufficient build up and after the reveal the anime just doesn’t capitalize on it.


So, I decided to keep this review short as there is nothing much to talk about on this anime. To sum it up, this anime fails in being a decent action anime or a mystery anime as it does all the things half-heartedly and does not even dive into anything deep.


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