Sleepy Hollow: The TV Show Review

A scary book turning into a movie is pretty scary but when the same book is now made into a whole series, it is a whole new level of excitement. Sleepy Hollow, an incredible tale of horror written by Washington Irving thrilled people to their bones while making the hair on their arms stand with fear.  We have enjoyed the adaptations and portrayals of Sleepy Hollow. One of my favorites is the movie directed by Tim Burton, Hollywood’s most famous horror director starring Johnny Depp, the kind of acting and disguise that was released in the year 1999. Though there have been many other movies and performances, none were as good as the 1999 tale of Sleepy Hollow. Well, I believe this version of Sleepy Hollow that gave Johnny many praises has met its match.


We now have the modern day adaptation of Sleepy Hollow. This American supernatural drama was released in 2013 giving the character Ichabod Crane a huge fan following. In this series, Ichabod Crane, who was killed by a Horseman of Death in 1781, wakes up in the modern days. But alas the blood curse that he acquires when he beheaded the Horseman wake up the deadly horseman too. The tale continues in twists and turns as Ichabod continues the war between good and evil in the 21st century with the help of a cop called Abigail Mills. This war forces Crane to adapt to the 21st century while Mills has to learn of the roots and missions of the founding fathers.

For those who haven’t watched any other Sleepy Hollow adaptations, not to worry. This show cover it all in a unique way with just the right amount of humor and horror. The curiosity and wit of Crane leave us with a smile while Abigail takes on the role of a perfect 21st-century woman as she orders Crane around while also teaching him of the changed world. Crane’s wife Catherine is also an interesting pin in the plot. Catherine is a witch, and yes…Crane was, as almost all lead protagonists are, was oblivious to the fact and considered himself married to a normal smart woman. The plot thickens as the show progresses. We find out Crane had a son. I will not reveal his identity as not to ruin the story for you, but it is astonishing to find out that his son is still alive even if it is after 200 plus years.


The most interesting part of the story for me was the banter and arguments Crane and Mills get into. Their wit is matched. While Crane is a master of the old arts and an incredibly fast learner, Mills is an extremely smart woman who changed her whole life with her determination and passion. Another aspect of the show that I really enjoyed was the relationship between Mills and her eccentric sister. The Mills sister while fighting and claiming to be opposites are exactly alike. Both their passion and their determination is alike. Their mutual trust in each other is the alike too, even if they don’t care to admit that they care for the other.

The show now has 2 seasons that were released earlier this year. Season 3 has huge expectations and people are eager to watch the show as it ended on another cliffhanger. Oh! By the way, If you haven’t realized yet the casting was done perfectly. I suggest you take another look.


I definitely recommend this show. If you thought Johnny Depp was a wonderful Crane, wait till you see this version of Sleepy Hollow to decide. If you have no experience with Sleepy Hollow then this show is definitely an incredible choice.


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