Death Parade: A Review

Have you ever thought of what happens to the “soul” when we die? Well, I never wondered about such things before. From what I gather from observing various religions is that our soul does go to another place after death and that dying is not the end. I have personally never giving all this much thought, but it is the most discussed and mysterious topic debated on.


Death Parade is a dark anime that questions such things. Basically after death, two peoples’ souls are sent to a mystical bar where they are made to play games and gamble with their life put on the stake.  These souls that play the games not knowing that they are already dead. Thus, an arbiter judges their entire life sending them to either to the void which is a type of hell where you are cast into darkness eternally just falling or they are sent to be reincarnated again. Even as the plot makes us wonder what happens after a person dies, it keeps an upbeat comedy and the opening song never gets boring. My opinion is that there were very few episodes and I really wanted to watch more after it was finished. The stoic Decim who is a dedicated arbiter questions his existence when he is sent a girl who remembers that she killed herself. As a result, they wipe her entire memories and place her as an assistant to Decim in Quindecim, the mystic bar where he judged people’s souls.


The plot also has few characters as the anime itself is very short, but all the characters had their own personalities and backstories. It was not just another dark anime. It was not depressing or gory nor was it bloody. The only time I thought it was a dark anime was when the souls played games with their lives at stake. It certainly kept me on my toes, always wondering what could happen next. I also liked how the anime challenged the concept of hell and heaven and transforming them into a void and reincarnation. This was more realistic to me than half the things I heard from various religions. The idea was very amusing to me. The funning thing about this anime was that it teaches a lot of lessons. I learned a lot from it. But then I’m sure it depends on how you intercept the concept and plot of each episode as new souls arrive to be judged.

Overall with the awesome opening and interesting story line the anime is the best choice when you want a dose of mystery with the mystical.


I suggest this anime to all of you because it crosses the boundaries of normal dark anime, has a great story line and most of all if you haven’t ever thought of mortality it sure makes you question everything you didn’t before.


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