Beginner’s Guide to Anime: Action/Adventure

Action & Adventure are two genres which usually go hand in hand with each other, so I decided to recommend them in one post. Also, I would like to thank all the folks who have been reading my posts and actually liking them, it means a lot to me!

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NOTE: This list only contains my preference and your preference might defer. If you have a recommendation that did not make the list, please add it in the comments for other to know about. 


So, let’s get started and please bear with me as this particular list is a little too big due to the dual genres.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood



Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a story of loss and sacrifice. There are certain scenes that still make me shudder at the thoughts of it and certain scenes that gets your blood pumping. With superbly directed action scenes this anime is certainly one of the best anime of this genre. It also does a brilliant job at bringing forward the very vile nature of a human beings and shows what one can do to achieve something. Honestly, this anime left a huge mark on me and is still one of the best anime (or manga) of all time for me.


Hunter x Hunter (2011)


Hunter x Huner is a brilliant anime and does exactly what is supposed to do. With over 148 episodes, this anime does a great job of adapting the source material and the action scenes are adapted brilliantly. Though this anime has kinds of superpowers in it, it can get pretty dark when it wants to. And once it reaches the good stuff, it becomes totally fantastic to watch. The story is the strongest point of the anime and you end up having emotional attachments even to the characters who are supposed to be the antagonist.


No Game no Life


No Game No Life (NGNL) is 12 episodes of brilliance. Centered around two siblings who are shut-ins and only play video games at which they are exceptionally good at, which in turn attracts the attention of a God who sends them to a different world where everything is decided by a game. NGNL has a very distinctive art style which I believe helps make the anime unique. NGNL is also quite a bit ecchi so expect a little fan service. All in all a pretty solid series and really funny at times too. I for one do hope that there is a new season soon.


Nanatsu no Taizai


Nanatsu no Taizai or The Seven Deadly Sins has a pretty simple and straightforward plot which

The best points of this show are the action and the character development. Despite being just 24 episodes long, this series manages to cramp in a lot of content without feeling overpowering. Brilliant dialogues and backstory also help the anime shine.


Samurai Champloo


Samurai Champloo is one of those anime that is simply fun to watch. You got a great setting, a great time period and a brilliant set of characters. This anime probably goes unnoticed for some reasons, I find hard to comprehend. But, despite being released in late 2004 it has a damn good art style and I believe it can still hold its own against newer anime. Japan’s 19th-century vibe is created amazingly and the characters do not feel out of place. Don’t miss this hidden gem.


Log Horizon Series


Log Horizon is one of the many anime or manga to adapt the stuck in an MMORPG world setting but what makes it different is the way it does that. The diversity of the characters and how all the characters have their own motives and skill sets to perform each task and the level of detail the story actually dives into is actually comendable.


Michiko to Hatchin


Michiko to Hatchin has a story that is episodic in nature, but they do contribute to the ending in one way or the other. The art style is amazing and so are the characters. The anime moves at a fast speed, but it is not too fast that you will end up getting confused. That said, this anime has one of the best conclusions I might have encountered with no loose threads left behind.


Afro Samurai


Afro Samurai has a plot that is pretty straightforward and the anime wastes no time to get right into the action. This anime is one of the best in the dubbed category as this anime was released primarily in English. Also, Samuel L. Jackson voices Afro, the main character.




Trigun has a first half that is centered around character building and has good comic moments, but the second half ties that up providing a good overall experience. Now, this anime is pre-2000, so don’t expect to find high-quality animation and all the bells and whistles one usually finds in recent anime. That said, Trigun is silly and amazing and a must watch for anime veterans too.


Kill la Kill


Kill la Kill might look like a fanservice anime, but trust me it is more than that. Kill la Kill is one of those anime which are jack-of-all but master of none. But nevertheless it is a fun watch and has great artstyle too.




Durarara!! is another fine anime that probably gets neglected due to it’s slow storytelling, and that’s what makes this anime brilliant. It takes its time to set up its world and has multiple protagonists who are all part of the same world and it follows their daily lives in the city whose streets are both mysterious and dangerous.

I also wrote a review telling how awesome this series was. Check it here.


Special: Cowboy Bebop




Cowboy Bebop is simply superb. There is no other words to describe this beautiful anime. It has everything a brilliant anime should need, in-depth characters, beautiful artstyle and that beautiful musical score. I simply cannot recommend this anime enough. Just go and watch it and judge it for yourself.



Well, this is a conclusion to another part of my ongoing BGA series. I hope you people like what I have been writing recently and hopefully you agree with the recommendations I give. Nevertheless, I would like to hear more about your thoughts so do leave a comment behind!


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