Beginner’s Guide to Anime: Sports

Well, welcome to yet another part of the BGA series. This time, around we will be looking at some sports anime that is just too amazing to miss and stand out than the others in the same genre.Sports anime contain a nice variety as different anime cover different sports.

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NOTE: This list only contains my preference and your preference might defer. If you have a recommendation that did not make the list, please add it in the comments for other to know about. 


Hajime no Ippo Series


Hajime no Ippo is one of the best sports anime out there. The anime has a story that is touching as well as funny at times. It has a few brilliant moments that actually set the mood for the upcoming episodes. The anime quality is brilliant and consistent throughout too.

Major Series


The Major Series rotates around one guy and tells his story ranging from his young kid days till he becomes one of the best baseball players. This anime is an emotional rollercoaster and has a fantastic cast of voice actors to help make the anime better.


Diamond no Ace



Diamond no Ace unlike Major is centered around a team and has a wide cast of characters who are significantly different than each other and are yet really amazing. A really well thought out yet simple storyline is what makes this anime good and fun to watch.


Prince of Tennis



Prince of Tennis is more of a pseudo-superhero anime where the characters have superhuman moves when they play tennis. Don’t let that distract you from the fun storyline this anime has, though.


One Outs

[KentutNeraka] One Outs - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.35_[2014.03.08_00.48.01]

A psychological sports anime is a pretty weird combination but this anime pulls it off with grace. The stunning storyline and the mind games played in this anime are really brilliant and this alone makes it a must watch.






Haikyuu!! is an anime I would recommend to anyone interested in anime. This is my favorite sports anime right now and for good reason too. It has a storyline that somehow manages to get you feeling for the characters, it creates the atmosphere it requires and above all the brilliant animation and the way it is displayed is absolutely stunning.


Slam Dunk



Slam Dunk is a classic and a must-watch for any basketball fan. The story is pretty straightforward and it has got plenty of good moments too. Though keep in mind that this one here is an old anime and thus might not feature the best animation.


Kuroko no Basket


Kuroko no Basket is vaguely the basketball version of Prince of Tennis. Like Prince of Tennis, this anime has a bunch of people, who perform superhuman feat while playing basketball. So, if you are interested in superpowers wielding sports players or you just want to watch a sports anime for fun this anime is the one you need to watch.


Giant Killing


Giant Killing is addictive, to say the least. Although having a short number of episodes, it manages to engulf you in itself. This anime focuses more on the managing side of the sport than the playing side and thus, this is what makes this anime stand out and, to be honest, fun.


Chihayafuru Series


Chihayafuru follows a sport called Karuta, which is a card game based on Japanese poetry and you score by taking the card first, the person with the maximum amount of cards at the end wins. The story is pretty interesting and has a love triangle too to keep you interested.


Ookiku Furikabutte


Ookiku Furikabutte is a fun little anime that usually goes unnoticed by people. With a relaxing and funny storyline, this anime is fun to watch when you are lazying around and need something to watch.



So, this concludes my Sports Beginner’s Guide. I know that I skipped a few famous anime like Ashita no Joe, Cross Game, Eyeshield 21 and others, but I did not want to overpopulate this section with a huge list of anime, so I did my best to shortlist it and the result is what you read above!


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