The Best Anime of Spring 2015

Spring is here and with it has brought dozens of new and amazing anime that are worth the watch. Here is my list of the bests from the Spring of 2015.

NOTE: This list only contains my preference and your preference might defer. If you have a recommendation that did not make the list, please add it in the comments for other to know about. Also, these anime are in no particular order whatsoever.


Gintama (2015)

Gintama is back! The best satirical comedy in the history of anime is back, and what a comeback! Gintama is like the kings of comedy in my honest of opinions. And with a new season, all the wackiness is back. The cast is the same as earlier, the animation is amazing and the whole damn anime is amazing. Seriously, start watching this.


Hibike! Euphonium

The only reason I picked this anime was because it’s synopsis reminded me of another all-girls musical anime called”K-On!” and this anime has not disappointed yet. With a dozen of different kinds of feelings every episode, this anime keeps on remaining fresh. I seriously hope that this keeps up till the end, as sometimes anime lose their touch once they start nearing the end.

Hibike! has a story following Kumiko Oumae, who joins the brass band club in her new high school as a first year, and then the story continues as it follows the journey along with her friends. Hibike! is amazing and if you liked K-On! you are bound to love this.


Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Soma is a show about cooking and budding chefs. What is so interesting about that? The damn story. I have been reading the manga for a while and the manga is absolutely amazing. When it was announced that there will be an anime adaptation I was over the moon. This anime blends in cooking and ecchi so seamlessly it hardly feels ecchi. Shokugeki is brilliant and each episode has its own spice. The voice acting and the animation again are top-notch.

The story is pretty simple, Yukihira Souma wants to become a full-time chef just like his father. When he passes from middle school, his father sells his restaurant and challenges Souma to surpass him by staying in an elite culinary school where only 10% of the students graduate. Thus, begins a tale of cooking and ecchi.


Owari no Seraph

Owari no Seraph begins when one day a mysterious virus wipes out every human over the age of 13. And at the same time, vampires come in and enslave mankind. Mankind are used as livestock and this causes a humongous amount of rage in Hyakuya Yuuichirou, an orphan who is also a part of the livestock. He dreams of killing every last one of them.

This is the synopsis. When I first dove into this anime, I had no prior knowledge about the anime or the manga on which it is based on. Watching the first few episodes, the just sort of grows on you. With an ensemble of brilliant characters, the anime does more than enough to get you invested. Thus, the reason for it being on my list.



Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka or DanMachi or Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is based on a young boy called Bell Cranel who strives to become the best adventurer and is the lone member of the Hestia Familia led by the goddess Hestia herself. The anime is cute, intelligent and absolutely mind-blowing. The action scenes are plenty and the animation is very well done too.

DanMachi is similar to Log Horizon or Sword Art Online but only in the sense that they are based in a medieval world where people hunt monsters to collect loot and stuff. The only difference is that DanMachi is actually in a medieval world whereas Log Horizon and Sword Art Online are both games centered on humans playing MMORPG and getting stuck in them. Do try this anime if you like anime of this type.


Oregairu 2

My favorite satirical RomCom is back. The story is amazing, the acting is top-notch and so are the animations. Oregairu comes back with new episodes based on the manga and in this season we get to see different sides to the characters of Oregairu and I gotta say I am loving it. I recommended the first season of this anime in my Beginner’s Guide to Anime: Romance and I think that you should absolutely watch that anime too before starting this one to get better context!


Ore Monogatari!

Maybe Spring 2015 is a season of Romance anime. Ore Monogatari is different from your regular romance. Instead of set on a guy who is very popular with the girls, Sunakawa (in this anime). It is based on Takeo, a huge guy who looks more like a gangster than a high schooler. His romance story starts when he saves a girl, Yamato from being molested on a train.

The best part of this anime is the difference in the leads physically. Takeo on one hand is a huge man (6 ft. estimate) and is very healthy. Whereas Yamato is more like a girl and together they seem like Father and Daughter instead of Boyfriend and Girlfriend. This makes for an interesting recipe and the result is an absolutely amazing story that is both heart warming and calm. This might be my favourite romance anime of this spring, depending on how it ends.

maxresdefault (1)

Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories is an anime that is an Original Production rather than being a manga or a LN . The story is based on an 18-year old named Tsukasa Mizugaki who is offered a position at the renowned SAI Corporation due to his father’s connection after he fails his college entrance exams. SAI Corporation is a huge corporation that is known for its production and management of androids that possess human emotions called
“Giftia”. Tsukasa works in the Terminal Service Department where his main job is to recover Giftias that are close to expiration. He is then partnered with Isla, a female Giftia whose job until now was only serving tea.

This anime here is the “feels” anime of this season. Absolutely brilliant. Each and every episode has a new level of “feels”. Plastic Memories has a slow build up and not much action going on, but it does not feel mediocre in any sense. If you feel bored, and want an anime to watch, this is the one.


Arslan Senki

Arslan Senki to me feels somewhat similar to Akatsuki no Yona. Instead of a princess, we have a prince, and there is no romance involved whatsoever. Arslan Senki can be more accurately be termed as a cross between Akatsuki no Yona minus the romance and Berserk.

If you prefer Historical Action, this anime is the one. Arslan Senki follows a 14-year-old prince who loses everything in a battle and it simply shows his journey through many hard trials.


Kekkai Sensen

THE ANIME OF THIS SEASON! Period. Kekkai Sensen is amazing. No one can convince me otherwise. Kekkai Sensen may look simple, but it is not. Its story is intelligent and weaves a lot of supernatural stuff seamlessly in the story.

A breach opens up over New York, that connects Earth and the netherworld together. This breach traps New Yorkers and the creatures from the netherworld in an impenetrable bubble. After living happily together with each other, someone is threatening to sever the bubble and to stop them we have a group of stylish superhumans.

That is the official synopsis. My review: WATCH IT!. That sums up my short review. The OST are fantastic. It reminds me of the Durarara! OST’s and the OST sets the mood of the episode amazingly. The voice casts? Fabulous. You have Nakai Kazuya (Hijikata from Gintama) voicing Renfro Zapp, who is undoubtedly the best character of the anime. Absolutely hilarious. You also have Daisuke Sakaguchi (Shinpachi from Gintama) voicing Leonardo Watch, a guy who can see stuff others can’t see. There are others too. I simply cannot praise this anime much.

When I first started watching this anime I thought this was a rip-off of Deadman Wonderland but oh boy! wasn’t I wrong. If an anime can make you feel for a character that is just a guest character and appears for only one episode, that anime deserves your respect. And, this anime does that. Out of all the anime in this season, I feel this is probably one of the best overall. So if you are skipping this anime for some reason, I want you to start watching this right now!

Honorary Mention: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (best waifu returns!), I Cant Understand What My Husband Is Saying!, Baby Steps 2, Diamond No Ace 2, Nisekoi 2, Punchline.


Well, I expected Digimon Adventure Tri since it was announced and expected to launch this season. But there was no release of any sorts so I am a little sad. But, nevertheless this season was also good.

Stay tuned for more to my blog! And hope you like my recommendations!


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