Durarara!! : A Review

I don’t believe in god. There’s no proof he exists. In a world where there isn’t even proof of the future, the past exists. Even if it’s tainted with misunderstandings and delusions, if the people themselves believe in it, the past is the truth to them. And, if you base your actions or your life around it, in a way, it’s a type of god itself.

– Orihara Izaya

This is one of the few things Durarara!! throws at you. Durarara!! is based on a light novel by the same name and follows almost everything from the LN.

Needless to say, minor spoilers might follow from here.

Durarara!! #7
Lets Get Started!

When you start watching the anime, you will realize that it is kind of slow start and it does not directly jump into the action. Instead, it waits and shows you the different protagonists of the story and then shows you how they are connected to each other. The whole story is set in the town of Ikebukuro, and primarily focused on Ryuugamine Mikado who is one of the several protagonists of the story. But, once the anime is a few episodes old, it pulls all the stops and starts pulling twists and turns on you.

From Left: Mikado, Masaomi and Anri.

Among the protagonists, my favorites will be the duo Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo, though they are enemies rather than friends. Mikado and his friend Kida Masaomi are childhood best friends and study at the same school. Shizuo is bodyguard to a debt collector and has insane strength and also very short-tempered. Orihara Izaya is an information broker and is a guy who is in “love with humanity”. Celty Sturlson is a Dullahan from Ireland who came to Japan to search for her stolen head. These are the few characters who lives are inter-twined in the story and the effects of their works also affects the lives of the other protagonists in one way or the other.

"IZAYA-KUN" - Shizuo. Hands down my favourite character of DRRR!!
“IZAYA-KUN” – Shizuo. Hands down my favourite character of DRRR!!

The animation is superb and the voice overs are equally amazing. Brain’s Base, the studio behind Durarara!! has done simply an amazing job. The Opening Song and the Ending Song are fantastic and this anime is one of the few anime which had OST that were actually good.


If you want to watch something that is different from your normal Action anime, give this a try. Also, if you have watched Baccano! you should really watch this. Nothing much to say, rather than the fact that it is an amazing anime that does things as it likes.


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