Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is the Best Anime of 2014: A Review

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso just ended a few days ago, and I am really glad I watched this anime. Really really glad. This anime is a beautiful ride worth watching no matter whether you like the genre or not!

I will try my best not to spoil any stuff, if you haven’t watched this yet!

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso at it’s heart is a romance story. A beautiful one at that. I started watching this anime as it had Romance as one of its genre and I am a sucker for this genre. So, I watched the first episode without knowing anything about the story and the anime just sucked me in.shi_2

The story is just amazing and A-1 Pictures did an amazing job adapting the manga the Anime is based on. You feel a certain instant connection to the story, something that you cannot shake. The artwork is just beautiful, and it really complements the story of the anime. The story as a whole is romantic story with a little pinch of comedy. But, it also has moments where it will make you cry. The story wraps itself up beautifully and the final episode is the best episode of the anime and one of the best endings a story could have.


The short flashbacks, to the character’s history and how they relate to the current situations they are in feels real. The ending left me heartbroken as well happy at the same time and I it was really hard to believe that the journey had ended. For some reason, I wanted more, i wanted to watch more and that is one of the best compliment I think anyone can give to an anime or a work of art for that matter. The letter at the end was a beautiful touch, I wont speak more about it because it might spoil the ending. The moments where you feel the pain of the characters, their struggles and when you understand what they feel like plays a big role in connecting you to the anime.

The story is a journey of one Arima Kousei, who is a pianist and struggles to play the piano after his mother dies. He has a mental breakdown which results into him unable to hear the sound of his piano even though he can hear everything else perfectly. In comes a girl, Miyazono Kaori, a beautiful girl at that who drags him back into the world of music and shows him there is more to music and music should be free.

Speaking of music, the OST’s of the anime is just simply fantastic. I often found myself listening to the music again and again. This kind of dedication to the very little details is what makes me happy and an anime amazing.


Many people will be able to deduce how it might end, and to be honest I did too. But, I decided to watch the anime to the end as I could not just leave such a beautiful anime incomplete and I recommend anyone who is reading this to do the same. Just see it through and don’t skip even a single frame.



I would recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch an anime that is beautiful and offers a change of pace from the action and ecchi anime that are out now. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is the best anime that came out from the year 2014.

Also, to the people who don’t watch romance anime due to various reasons. I say, give this one a try and you will not regret it.


I want to hear it again, yet I don’t want to hear it again. I want to see her, yet I don’t want to see her. What do you call this kind of feeling again?

– Arima Kousei

To sum it all up, this anime was a hell of a journey and was worth the watch. This sums up my short review on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. I also understand that I just ranted about the story, but trust me you will too do the same thing once you watch it. Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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