WAR: A Human Apocalypse

If you look up the news a bit, you are sure to find a small tidbit about a war going on somewhere in the world. Hell, even if you visit Facebook, which let’s be honest almost everyone visits nowadays, you will find some people commenting & taking sides of a certain war of which they have no relations with. You might also find some idiots cracking jokes on those wars like it’s a game that’s happening.

“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.

                                                                                                      – John F. Kennedy”

Some scholars believe that warfare (set of techniques used by a group to carry out war) is a part of human nature whereas some argue that it is inevitable under certain circumstances. Wars come in different sizes, types, methods and reasons. But, it is usually started by a few selected people sitting behind their comfortable chairs sending their soldiers to do their dirty work. I mean, what is the logic behind that? A few people decide that the neighboring country and its citizen’s do not deserve to live for some reason and send people to kill them!

Aftermath of a war


World War II was the bloodiest, biggest and most brutal war ever. It started a few years after the First World War by a dictator called Adolf Hitler of Germany. His invasion of Poland started a chain reaction that engulfed the whole world and the lives of billions of civilians who had nothing to do with the war. There are other wars as deadly as this, but WWII tops it out.

Some would argue that War has also started for the betterment of certain sects of people like the American Revolution or the French Revolution or the Indian Independence Act. I would like to argue with the fact that loss of human life is a loss of human life and there is no other word for it.

War does not only impact human lives but also affects the economy. It leaves an impact on the people who fight it on the front lines, also causes destruction of landmark and huge cities, which in turn displaces people which lead to more problems.

Soldiers during the Iraq war

My friend says that wars can be good. When I asked how, he replied that war solves the overpopulation problems. It also encourages countries to come up with new scientific and economic ideas to thrive and win the war and also gives rise to legends. This was the moment where I sat in disbelief because I had just heard a guy say that war is good because it solves overpopulation problems. Dude! They are human lives not some innate objects that don’t know or feel anything. Humanity is really screwed if people like him are given the helm of a country or a state. If these wars keep on going like these, I think there is no need for a Natural Disaster to even out the overpopulation issue, because War itself will solve it out.

War is not a natural problem, it is a manmade disaster which with a small nudge in a wrong direction can turn it into an apocalypse. If nature does not brings an apocalypse, we sure as hell have a found a dangerous method to bring one ourselves.


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