A Review of Dan Brown’s Inferno


Dan Brown might be one of the best author this world has seen in the fiction/thriller story writing. His books like The Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons have been bestsellers and have garnered a lot of attention. Dan Brown is now back with a book titled Inferno, though the book being a fiction, makes the reader think about the current world crisis. I wont go into details as it may spoil the book but I assure you this book will have you hooked till the end.

Inferno means “a fire which is out of control” but Dan Brown is not referring to that Inferno, instead he is referring to the Inferno in Dante Aligheri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy. In the Dante’s poem Inferno means hell, and the whole book is based around Dante and his life and majorly his poem.

Robert Langdon, the protagonist of  Da Vinci Code,  Angels & Demons and the Lost Symbol is back in this new book. Robert Langdon a Professor of Religious Iconology and Symbology is back and racing against time to find something left by a dead antagonist. Dan Brown has written this book with a lot of details about the monuments visited by Langdon to stop the plans of the Antagonist.

Dan Brown takes us to Florence, and in the first Chapter itself Langdon wakes being an amnesiac and almost being shot at by an unknown assailant. Florence being the birthplace of Dante and the place where he grew up and allegedly fell in love with a girl who he held dear to his heart, Beatrice.

Inferno is a book with a lot of details on symbols and the monuments, much alike Dan Brown’s previous books. But I would like to point out though this book might be boring to some people, this book is one of the best books that I have read since the Da Vinci Code. This book though may have a few low points but it is not short of twists and turns and secrets that will keep the reader hooked.

“There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery.”

Dante Aligheri, The Divine Comedy.

Now a little about the Dante and his masterpiece. Most people who might have read this book might not know about Dante and what inspired him to write a poem that has 3 parts. Dante Alighieri, famously known as Dante was a major Italian poet during the middle ages. He was born in Florence, Italy (the major part of Dan Brown’s Inferno’s playground). At a young age he had fallen in love with Beatrice Portinari. He was later exiled from Florence and went on to write the greatest literary masterpiece, THE DIVINE COMEDY.

The Divine Comedy, talks about Dante’s Journey from Hell to Purgatory and finally to Paradise. But at a deeper level,  it represents allegorically the soul’s journey to God. The Divine Comedy is divided into 3 parts: Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory) and Paradiso (Paradise)

In Dan Brown’s book the antagonist is a huge fan of Dante and his masterpiece and leaves notes related to Dante and endagers the whole Human species.

As a closing, I would like to say that Inferno, by Dan Brown is a must-read to anyone thriller or Dan Brown fan, as this book might easily be his best work till now. I will end this so called review of the Book by a quote from Dan Brown’s Inferno.

“It has always been this way. Death is followed by birth. To reach paradise, man must pass through inferno.”


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